Blow awayMeaning: Cause to go awa

简介: Blow awayMeaning: Cause to go away by blowing, or by wind 让风吹走,或让风吹走Example: He

Blow awayMeaning: Cause to go away by blowing, or by wind 让风吹走,或让风吹走Example: He blew away the dust which had collected on the book. 他吹走了书上的灰尘。

Blow awayMeaning: Disperse or to depart on currents of air 分散或离开空气流Example: I didn’t he to rake. The lees just blew away. 我没有耙。

Blow awayMeaning: Kill (someone) by shooting them 通过射击杀死(某人)Example: The kid just blew the clerk away. 那孩子刚把店员给甩了。

Blow offMeaning: Let steam escape through a passage provided for the purpose让蒸汽通过为这个目的的通道逸出Example: The engine or steamer is blowing off. 引擎或汽船正在开动。

Blow offMeaning: Shirk or disregard 逃避或者无视Example: I decided to blow off the meeting and lee early. 我决定取消会议,提前离开。

Blow offMeaning: Forcibly disconnect something by use of a firearm or explosive device 用火器或装置强行断开某物Example: Her leg was blown off by a landmine. 她的腿被地雷炸掉了。

Useful phrasal verbs with BLOW. BLOW有用的短语动词Blow outMeaning: Extinguish something, especially a flame 熄灭某事,尤指火焰Example: He blew out the match. 他把比赛搞砸了。

Blow overMeaning: Blow on something causing it to topple 吹在什么东西上使它倒下Example: The wind blew over the pole. 风吹过了杆子。

Blow overMeaning: Be knocked down by wind 被风吹倒Example: The tree blew over in the storm. 树在暴风雨中吹倒了。

Blow overMeaning: Pass naturally; to go away; to settle or calm down 自然通过; 走开; 安顿下来或平静下来Example: They huddled, waiting for the storm to blow over. 他们蜷缩在一起,等待暴风雨来袭。

Blow pastMeaning: Easily overcome or go around a safeguard or limit 容易克服或绕过保护或限制Example: I’ve just blown past my calorie limit for the day. 我刚刚超过了一天的卡路里上限。

Blow upMeaning: Inflate or fill with air 充气或充气Example: Let’s blow up the balloons for the party. 让我们把聚会用的气球吹起来。

Blow upMeaning: Enlarge or zoom in 放大或放大Example: Blow up the picture to get a better look at their faces. 放大照片,以便更好地观察他们的脸。


Blow awayMeaning: Cause to go awa